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Public Meeting 19th October 2017

The public meeting on October 19th was well attended.

Mr Rouach represented the SDNUM and told us that improvements were being made to the Wimax service.

If you are already a customer, you will be contacted by your supplier who will replace your antenna.

For more information, visit the website:

On the subject of the rubbish collection, Ric told us that the Communauté de communes has changed the system in order to encourage us to recycle more and to reduce the amount of rubbish we throw in our bins. The aim is to reduce it by half by 2025.

Ric told us, therefore, that the Mairie is going to buy bins for those houses that are on the collection route. For houses who are a long way off the route, the Mairie is proposing wooden boxes that will stay at the end of the lane and where you can put your rubbish bags.

To find out whether your house would have a bin or a box, there is a list at the Mairie.

Some people weren’t sure where to put, for example, yoghurt pots, paper. It’s trus, it s complicated!

For more information, visit the website:

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The message from our mayor

RICHello everyone,

The Municipal Council and I would like to welcome you to the official Montastruc website.

As you know, today, a website is an essential tool for information and dialogue. The site that you are now visiting was reactivated at the end of 2014.

We hope that many of you now will visit the site, where I hope you will find all the information you need on the community, events…. and links.

In order for it to develop and meet your needs, please contact the Mairie if you note any changes you think should be made, or any omission or error. Either by phone on or by e-mail at

Along with the council members and the municipal staff, I hope that you will find among these pages the contacts and information you are looking for and I assure you once again of our wish to be always at your service.

I wish to particularly thank Mr John Perry and Mrs Wendy Mardell for their help.

Please keep in mind Renée Welkers, who originally created the site.

Happy browsing!

The Mayor,

Ric Martin

Tas de Trucs

Christmas Market

From La Dépêche du Midi, 25 December 2014

A few days ago, the Association ‘Mon Tas de Trucs’, whose aim for several years has been to enliven the community of Montastruc, organised its first Christmas market in the village hall in the very heart of the village. And I can strongly declare it to be a complete success as much by the articles on sale, diverse, eclectic and great quality as by the ambiance and the friendliness of the exposants and the organisers. The artists who exhibited their creations for sale showed great talent which the public both acknowledged and appreciated. Well done everyone!

See the photo


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Renėe Welkers

Renée created this site which is dedicated to her memory.