Tas de Trucs

Christmas Market

From La Dépêche du Midi, 25 December 2014

A few days ago, the Association ‘Mon Tas de Trucs’, whose aim for several years has been to enliven the community of Montastruc, organised its first Christmas market in the village hall in the very heart of the village. And I can strongly declare it to be a complete success as much by the articles on sale, diverse, eclectic and great quality as by the ambiance and the friendliness of the exposants and the organisers. The artists who exhibited their creations for sale showed great talent which the public both acknowledged and appreciated. Well done everyone!

See the photo  http://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2014/12/25/2018104-le-marche-de-noel-etait-de-qualite.html#xtor=EPR-1